Network functions virtualization
Wimark Systems develops software for networks fuctions virtualization to provide clients with cost-effective solutions and premium Wi-Fi services on any affordable access points
The idea to develop Wimark was born in 2014 at the Applied Research Center for Computer Networks (ARCCN) as a software solution to manage Wi-Fi networks, based on the setup of different vendors.

The same year, Wimark Systems became a Skolkovo resident and took a special prize from CISCO for the demonstration of a working prototype at STARTUP VILLAGE 2014.
In January, 2015 the Wimark software solution was successfully tested at Rostelecom Labs and was recommended as a platform for implementing wireless access broadband services. At the end of 2015, the first commercial virtual Versatile Wimark Wi-Fi controller was released and was successfully put into operation at Yekaterinburg technopark.
Another company milestone was the win at StartupBootCamp Internet of Things & Data Barcelona 2016, where more than 2000 worldwide startups took part. Wimark was among the TOP 10 projects entered into the contest, and has been selected for an acceleration program in Spain and as a participant of MWC 2016.
In February 2016, at Mobile World Congress/4FYN in Barcelona, Wimark Systems, together with Beeline, demonstrated a prototype Wi-Fi solution for a vCPE platform using budget equipment, as part of a Smart Office solution.
By 2017, functions of the virtual Wi-Fi controller have been substantially widened and a flexible service structure was implemented in the software solution. Today, a new software & hardware platform is under development, which is designed to centrally manage multivendor Wi-Fi networks based on equipment with proprietary software.
Trend to modernization and costs optimisation in telecom industry as well as cutting edge services development speed up the Wimark company development from startup to independent business. Wimark Systems is committed to providing an alternative cost-effective solution to our customers whose business is high-quality large-scale manageable Wi-Fi networks.
Media about Wimark
The Business Courier spoke with the founder Wimark Systems Ilya Hodyakov about why London is attractive to business, not focused on the British market, how to attract investors and use the crisis and internet regulation.
WiMark creates virtual network functions for management of Wi-Fi networks.
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