Wi-Fi marketing on Wimark® Platform

The Wimark Systems Technological Partnership Program enables service providers to enhance the value and hardware compatibility of their products through integration with multivendor Wimark Platform.

Retail and HoReCa Wi-Fi solutions

Partner services on Wimark Platform

WiFly services on Wimark Platform are tailored to the needs of customer-facing enterprises with public Wi-Fi.

Running on Wimark Platform WiFly solutions for authorization and Wi-Fi marketing can be easily integrated on clients infrastructure without additional equipment.

Wimark Wi-Fi Radar brings the flyAds solution new functionality of retargeting and delivering relevant location-based ads across customers WiFi networks.

With the flyNMS service the customer is reaching both marketing and IT goals on the same platform, while supporting Wi-Fi analysis with data visualization in Wimark Heatmaps.

Development and promotion of the service platforms to cellular operators and B2B clients

WiFly services on Wimark Platform

Marketing and authorization in free Wi-Fi
Depersonalized Wi-Fi analytics and retargeting
Location-based and targeted ads during web surfing
Network management and data vizualization
Network admin receives the access to Wimark dashboard for detached centralized management, monitoring and troubleshooting of the distributed network, while marketing specialist uses the account in WiFly service for marketing reports generation and content management.

WiFly marketing tools

Setting and analysis of marketing campaigns

  • Splash page
  • Methods of authorization
  • Advertising content
  • Target advertising
  • Reports

User statistics

  • Demographic profile
  • Traffic
  • MAC addresses
  • Devices, OS
  • Engagement level (clicks, polls)
  • Repeated visits

Wimark dashboard for network settings

Individual network settings

  • Change the name of the network
  • Access policies configuration
  • Network configuration
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting

Service statistics and mapping

  • Reports by access point, users, networks, locations, resources, traffic
  • System events mapping
  • Wi-Fi tracking
  • Heat maps
  • Bubble maps
Frequently asked questions
Do I need to upgrade my network to use the service?
  • The solution works on client's infrastructure
  • No need for additional routers or sockets.
How to buy and support the service?
  • Deployment and billing is made by WiFly or partners
  • Monthly payment
  • Tech. support 8/5
To buy the service, please fill out the form, call 8-800-505-8594 or contact one of our regional partners.
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